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mrl design considerations

    elevator technology in the rapid development of the world economy with technological development, in the early years of china's surge in popularity has been gradually phased out speed control technology, which is china's elevator industry through a period of small corners. therefore spotted elevator technology trends it is important, the authors believe that the current elevator technology development is mainly reflected in the following aspects. 1. energy efficient frequency conversion technology on the elevator opened up the elevator to the high-speed, high-efficiency direct stop development, but will also promote the use of permanent magnet synchronous motors and inverter technology, speed is more stable and reliable performance, plus gearless machine expanded range of applications, its efficiency increases drag, drag a power saving of almost half. this is a goal worthy of elevator technology. 2. quality service steering computerized elevator control technology, the elevator function more perfect, particularly involving safety critical parts, monitoring, maintenance etc. can be forecast until the jog setting to resolve, thereby improving the reliability of safe operation of elevators. at the same time lift function more convenient for users, control technology, including intelligent remote control technology are more satisfied with all aspects of user requirements. 3. the full range of services in the vertical and horizontal transport. curve run elevators and escalators, vertical, horizontal continuous operation elevators, etc., are no longer confined to the elevator rope tow and two runs within no more than 15 degrees in the vertical track, it is no longer confined to the upper and lower room configuration, a variety of inexpensive, smart new models continue to market to meet in the unconventional design of environments, such as the special needs of the built environment, or reflect the diversification of life marked a new design and so on. in gb7588-1995 << elevator manufacturing and installation of safety norms >> the 0.4 note: this standard should not be considered to illustrate the problems mentioned in a design is only feasible design, just run the same effect is at least equivalent safety are designed can be employed. "so said the new design standard that they meet safety regulations specified above are allowed, but it is after all not the elevator leading products, they no elevator machine room, if building permits, or set up a small room is more reasonable, so there will be no room elevators do not fry too hot, especially in china based on the user's actual situation, the design of elevators without machine room, in terms of security must be careful, be careful. here the author has been involved in china's current situation no room products proposed mrl design considerations should be noted, provide a reference. i. mrl elevator products design method. in either type, even new models, must be followed to protect the occupants, carrying cargo, according to the attached building and elevator for their own safety, the safety of these guidelines is the mandatory national standard gb7588-1995 of 0.5 to 0.7 of the regulations, (i will not elaborate these elements, see china elevator 1998 1st period gb7588 << brief introduction in en81-1 preface >> article explained.) for mrl is no exception. therefore we must first explicitly designed mrl should do the design, such as the above should be considered to meet the safety criteria, and then can be specifically designed, program design should make full normal operation, maintenance, inspection, testing, rescue and other special situations circumstances "risk assessment" should be carried out technical safety review, you can hire experts to be assessed if necessary. current hear some units in certain parts distribution suppliers of agitation, in the absence of the above risk assessment carried out similar work, without the product identification and approval procedures that do not understand the elevator safety specification standards, do not understand security guidelines no room should be achieved, production and sales directly to the user's practice it is inappropriate. risk assessment may reference gb / t16856-1997 << agencies >> safety risk assessment principles and other relevant standards. ii. design mrl should be familiar with the basic requirements of the relevant provisions of gb7588 safety regulations, because the standard relates to the elevator each part of the safety design, no room elevators should fully comply with standards to do it. while the above security specification does not specifically mention this special case no room products, but specific provisions have been designed to mrl regulations allow conditions such as : article. "guide pulley can be mounted on top of the hoistway space, with the proviso that they are located outside the car roof protruding portion, and inspection and testing, maintenance work can be carried out from the car roof or hoistway completely" "the traction sheave can be mounted in the hoistway, provided that:... a possible inspection, testing and maintenance work from the room; b openings between the engine room and the well should be as small as possible" 6.1 .2.1.3 article: "if the inspection, testing and maintenance work can be carried out outside the shaft, the governor can be installed in the hoistway." terms instructions above, with respect to the existing engine room, the engine room in addition to the control cabinet and the main switch (including lighting switch, the same below.) in addition, the hoisting machine and a guide wheel and speed limiter can be set up in the hoistway. left how is placed under the control cabinet and main switch problem, and can be completed in the engine room work-related. in fact the so-called machine-room-only in order to adapt the design of the building at the top, remove the top of the engine room and the lower room. as the elevator had a lot of action is required. complete in the engine room, so also to the relevant operating room to find a place to see the equivalent of the main switch and control cabinet and machine room requires attention to the following terms: 13.4.1: "in the engine room, each lift should set up a separate one can only cut off the power supply circuit of the elevator all the main switch "13.4.2 section:.". main switch defined in 13.4.1 shall have stable open and closed positions should be from the entrance to the room easily and quickly approaching the operating mechanism of the main switch. "(in en81-1.1998 version also provides: the main switch can be locked padlock or other equivalent means short-tailed bird in the off position, in order to ensure that no misuse) 9.9.8 section:" limit . speed in any case, should be fully accessible if the governor installed in the hoistway, it should close it out from the shaft "article 9.9.9:." in the inspection or during the test, it should be possible 9.9.1 under the provisions of a relatively low speed operation by some way the governor to make the security clamp device movement "6.2.1:." from the public road into the engine room and pulleys channel should be a permanent set. electrical lighting equipment to obtain adequate brightness;.. b completely safe any time convenient to use, and without access to a private house " article, strip, and 6.3.6 provision of article room size should meet the maintenance space, room ventilation, humidity and other lighting requirements. "in the engine room should be easy to check whether the car in the lock area." "the elevator drive host 12.5.1 mounted manual emergency operation of the device should be able to release the hand brake and needs to be a sustainability holding release state. "these terms are no room elevators at the top of the room to eliminate problems that must be solved, but also no room key provisions of elevator design requirements. due to the above provisions require (it should be said that for security must comply with the requirements of clause ), usually the top and from the few people who can be at the top or set the main switch, control cabinet and the operation means fewer people in the door and from the floor, of course, other methods can solve. and these devices must be in a big sturdy cabinet, which is equivalent to a large cabinet door should be locked room door the same. it should be noted that the manual hoist and the governor continued unbraking artificially low speed braking action should be done here, and should be able to clearly show where the car is in the unlocking area. in particular, the governor noted that low-speed braking human action, namely the above-mentioned 9.9.9 requires to consider the gb7588 appendix d j linkage test requirements of the rated load governor, safety gear, etc. and this trial has failure may occur and impact buffer. for this reason, some people went to the operation unit set up in the hoistway governor is safe. if the governor uses the well outside human action to achieve remote control, should meet en81-1.11998 version article requirement that the action is not unexpected, in the lift car automatically reset, and also electrical reset provisions .. in addition to the above problems solved, we must also solve the equilibrium load and light load and heavy load hoisting squatting under power outage relief bottom, etc. third, the design no room elevators general requirements in addition to the above requirements, the need to follow the requirements of mrl elevators gb7588 other provisions, such as the top of the space in the hoistway and pit should meet gb7588 5.7 it requires; traction conditions should meet the requirements of article 9.3.1; 9.2 shengan whole hoisting requirements;. 10.1.1 strength requirements for rail and its annex mrl structure is rather special, the above requirements are more important provisions in addition electrical and control equipment shall comply with gb7588 in chapter 12 to chapter 14 requires above traction conditions, safety rails and the hoisting rope computing reference en81-1.1998 version of the relevant provisions of recommendation. hoistway if the hoisting machine is provided with a speed governor above the car roof maintenance workload increased, then the car roof should be set fence, fence requirements can refer en81-1.1998 version 8.13.3 article four, designed mrl elevators should be noted that there is now a patent. in terms of foreign roomless elevator a step ahead, and a lot of design content reported for a patent, for example kone in china since 1994, declared a 30 patents, including patent no room design, such as installing the rails dish hoisting motor car; on the drive or under-mounted traction elevators, as well as a variety of hoisting rope hoisting ways not described in detail here, and so on, can go to the patent office to retrieve the total, no room. gb7588 elevator is completely in line with regulatory requirements, the key is the first from the security point of view, meet the safety criteria safety regulations, we believe the strength of our elevator industry development to design better products to meet the market and customer needs.